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It’s days like this that remind me why I like living in Florida. I might bitch about the heat come July & August (and for good reason), and I do love going to colder climes, but beautiful, cloudless, balmy, 67-degree December days like this are to be savored. I’m taking advantage of the gorgeous day to finish re-finishing an old piece of furniture I’d inherited years ago from my dad: a lovely secretary.

It had a nice cherry-ish finish at one time, but the years had banged it up a bit. I eventually used the piece to hold my magickal supplies, and have decided I want to use it exclusively for that. I now need the space! Last year I saw a picture in a Pottery Barn catalog of a secretary, very similar in style to mine, painted black and boasting silver hardware. It was gorgeous (and expensive)! So I decided to makeover my piece and started base-coating it black. I’m only now finally finishing it; I’ve given it spray-coats of black as a base, and am now painting it a lovely satin-finish black. I’ve got the silver hardware ready to go on tomorrow. It’s going to be just beautiful when it’s done!

I’d post a pic of the inspiration piece, but it’s no longer on the Pottery Barn site. Ah, well. I’ll post pics of my finished piece when it’s done.

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  1. it looks gorgeous and i am so jealous. i now want you to paint all of my furniture!!

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