That’s it. Back to Mac.

I was so mad at my computer last night, and am so impressed with the new Macs, that as soon as I can I am buying a Macbook. Here at work I am on an “old” iBook, and I can run several programs at once (Filemaker Pro, Firefox, iTunes, Acrobat, and Word) and there is *no* lag at all. Last night, just using email, two webpages, and iTunes had my computer limping along and almost unresponsive! Granted, my PC laptop is old, but this “old” iBook runs circles around it. I can hear any Mac fan out there screaming, “DUUUUH” at me…lol. I used to be a Mac person…I should have known, I know. A Macbook WILL be in my possession in a couple months…bwahahaha. (And educational discounts ROCK. Just sayin’.)

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