Shaken and stirred (yep, had to use the cliche)

Saw Casino Royale today. *Loved* it!! Now, I’ve never seen a Bond film before this one—crazy, I know—so I can’t comment on how it compares to the others (although I’ve read a lot of reviews that say it’s “edgier” and better than most). But I loved Daniel Craig from his other work…and I loved him as Bond. I loved that he played the part in a physical and violent yet understated way, and I loved the stunts, as crazy as they got. I actually didn’t care for the romance with Vesper that much; despite a promising start, she never seemed a strong enough character to really go with Craig’s Bond. Judi Dench, however, was amazing. Overall an incredibly fun, thrilling film…worth a second (or third) theater viewing. :-D

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  1. Let me save you some time. Don’t see any previous James Bond movies. Be one of the very few (and very happy) people for whom the phrase “James Bond movies” refers ONLY to films like this one.

    Ah, to live in a world where “Moonraker” never happened. Or a world where Denise Richards is NOT allowed to portray a nuclear physicist (two words that, as I recall, she is not able to pronounce).

  2. Cyberdelia says:

    Hahahahaha…that’s hilarious. The very *idea* of Denise Richards trying to portray a scientist…oy!! Ok, note to self: rewatch Casino Royale ad nauseum…only Bond flick that exists. :-D

  3. Which is not to say that a more substantive actress could have carried off a name like “Christmas Jones.” It’s just that Denise is most certainly NOT that actress.

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