Ruminating on the goodness that is current tv

Last ep of fall–Oh. My. Goddess. What else to say? Er, well, I won’t say anything specific on here in case a reader hasn’t seen it…but damn: _____’s vision. The Spock salute. Sylar being Sylar. Is HRGM good or bad? Is Nicky? And creepy Haitian guy! While I don’t think the show’s writing or acting is quite as good overall as BSG or Lost, it’s more often than not close, and I feel like it keeps inching up in quality. Can’t wait til the spring half of the season!

LOVED the fight ep. Loved it. Kara is cruel, sure, but it’s fascinating to see her go through what she puts herself though. I think what unsettles people is that it is easy to relate to her, if only in part. Very curious as to what will come of her. Also–Adama’s challenge to Tyrol, Tyrol’s grudging acceptance, and the resultant fight & speech–fracking powerful stuff. I just love this show.

Just read that it’s moving to 10 pm when it comes back in Feb. Are they really worried that much about ratings? I mean, come on. This is Lost. Sheesh…

Writing about these makes me miss ’em more (and BSG still has one ep left of fall). Man it’s going to be a long couple of months.

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