Razor goodness…mmm mmm mmm toasters

Totally enjoyed Razor last Saturday night, made even better by watching it in the company of many other BSG fans. A bunch of us TCFers gathered at Devildog’s place for a frak party, and it was a rousing success. We even briefly chatted to Richard Hatch and Aaron Douglas! Razor was a wonderful bit of storytelling, although it was punctuated by horrendous commercials by Quiznos that kept repeating, literally repeating, key plot points that had just aired. I can only imagine the moron who thought that was a good idea.

In unrelated news, I’m about to start back up with Cathy Savage, as it’s time to get my ass kicked back into prime shape (I’ve got costumes to show off in a few months, you see). Now, the biggest challenge won’t be sticking to my workout routine, but figuring out how to combine a fitness diet with my love of French-inspired cuisine…I know it can be done…it has to be…I’ll just less butter? Hmm, yeah, that might work…

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