Potato and leek soup success; more food musings

The potato and leek soup came out very, very good. :-) I think I need a bit more leeks next time, though, and maybe a bit less butter. But hey, I’m learning, so I’ll just have to keep experimenting. Mmmm…

To go with the soup, I made a small side dish of fettuchine alfredo, just because I was in the mood for it. I made it with butter, cream, and my now-very-favorite parmigiano reggiano…and that’s it. I’m spoiled.

I will never like plain/fake food again. Nothing, I say *nothing*, beats the flavors and textures of cooking with the real stuff. I would rather eat a small serving of real food than any serving of fake; I am also finding that by switching to real food, I am happy eating only three meals a day because I don’t feel hungry all the time. And I’m not overeating those meals; I am savoring and enjoying what I make. What a difference! There really is something to be said for the “French” way of eating. I will be interested to see how my body adapts over the coming months to this new (to me) approach to food.

UPDATE: I got very hungry again later last night. So much for being satisfied with my three meals! Then again, it probably has something to do with doing daily exercise again (my appetite always spikes when I start up being active after a period of not), along with just liking the food I’m making so much that I want to keep eating it, lol. Must not empty frig…must not empty frig…

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