Sarah Connor Chronicles

I’d seen the pilot a couple of months ago, but it was fun seeing it on tv. I love how the pilot has a real “movie” feel to it; it doesn’t seem like a tv series. This first ep gave a good “reminder” of what happened in T2 for anyone who didn’t remember/didn’t see it, in order to start the series on a firm footing. I like the casting, too. So far so good! Of course who knows what will happen as the series progresses, but I’m keeping my hopes up…

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  1. I loved the two-part pilot as well. I got all giddy when the girl said “Come with me if you want to live.” And thank the gods they’re ignoring the whole “T3” mistake.

  2. Cyberdelia says:

    Hehe me too…that was a great moment. I also loved when John asked Cameron if she was a different model, and she popped food into her mouth and said yes she was. Very cool!

    And yes, T3 should be forgotten by all.

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