Dolphins, and other afternoon shots

Went for my usual walk today, down by the water. It’s quite chilly for Florida, but perfect weather for walking. Took my camera this time and…the dolphins were out! Although trying to capture them with my camera was next to impossible, haha, I did get a couple of shots that look vaguely dolphin-ish…

One of the dolphins
A tail! Two dolphins were swimming back and forth along the seawall, flipping over as they changed direction (as she’s doing here)…

One of the dolphins
…and then would stop and churn up the water next to the wall as they nosed around to find hiding fish (which is what I assume they were doing). I outlined the dolphin because she’s almost invisible in the churned up water.

It's a dolphin, swear
Cue the Jaws theme…after they were done playing along the seawall, they lingered a bit further out in the water. What I’d give for a telephoto lens!

Cutie squirrel
After the dolphins, I kept on toward the beach, and just had to get a pic of the squirrels. This one tried to jump onto my leg after I took this, haha.

The Pier at sunset
A view of the St. Pete Pier at sunset from the small beach close to the Vinoy.

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  1. that squirrel wanted to jump on your leg so he could hitch a ride to his home. he left the gas on…
    cool dolphin pics!

  2. Cyberdelia says:

    Well, he couldn’t hitch a ride home until he’s gone back to his squirrel-hole to put on his makeup…

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