Geek diva

So I decided to return a pair of Baby Phat heels I’d gotten because they were too uncomfortable (and looked too much like a pair I already had), but I found another pair I really liked—and that were cheaper than the heels, so I got a bit of a refund.

So what does a geek gal do when she saves money on her latest fabulous shoes? She uses the money to get the fabulous Transformers dvd with the case that changes into a 15″ tall Optimus Prime. And she is one happy gal. *gleeful giggle*

The shoes I got are these:

And the Optimus Prime dvd case looks like this:

The 2 dvds are in a slim case behind the torso.

Ahhhh…now to settle in with cocktails and happily watch Bumblebee again…and then delve into the dvd special features. :-)

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