It’s been revealed

Just got back from a gathering of frakkers at Mystique’s. Worked yesterday, came home, got ready, and headed over to Orlando. Spent the night chatting away with some of the best people ever, and was reminded of things I knew, but tend to forget:

  1. Always, always, always trust your instincts. They are always right.
  2. If a person seems dysfunctional and just plain BIZARRE, they are.
  3. It’s never happening just around you; dysfunction spreads.
  4. The truth will out.

There’s a certain person I slightly know who I suspected has so many issues it could make one’s head spin, and last night it was confirmed: This person *does* have a truckload of issues. And seems to be a total idiot on top of it. Well, us gals had a wonderful Sex and the City-like hours-long chat over many drinks & shots, many truths were revealed, and friendships strengthened.

Devils stand united! :-D

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