Big Toad is back!

The Big Toad, who’s been living here for untold years now (she was here, and big, 2-3 years ago), made a rare appearance today: out front! I went out the front door to get something from my car, and I saw a flash of movement off to the left, near a pot. I figured it was a lizard, but it seemed possibly bigger than a lizard, so I looked more deliberately…and saw the big gal hopping away through the new front flower bed! Shocked and delighted, I ran inside to grab my camera, and dashed back out, trying to move quietly when I got near her so as not to completely cause her a toad-heart-attack just yet. I got some nice shots of her, but when I look at them they don’t seem to really show just how big she is. She’s at least the size of my hand!

There she is!

Trying to get my keys in the shot to somehow convey how big she is…but I don’t think it quite worked, lol.

Just gorgeous. I always feel so blessed when I get a chance to see her. I helped her get back into the back yard (didn’t want any neighborhood kids seeing her, and a few were outside playing), and she hopped off to safety…probably back to the little hidden pond. :-)

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