Yesterday I got on a roll:

I made a Paris-themed digital collage for the ARTchix blog challenge, using graphics from The Graphics Fairy and Faerie Enchantment:

Then my guy offered me scans of his family’s brewery’s vintage beer labels, so I had to play with those too (with added graphics found on free clip art sites around the web):

And the little blank biz cards-to-ATCs from yesterday got played with as well (I even did a cat & mouse one, lol!)

And yesterday’s blank art journal pages did get colored…I’ll start the next layer today:

Now, back to digital collage for a sec. I love to make graphics on my computer, which is one reason I got into web design waaaay back when (started in ’97) and more recently, pixeling. But digital collage is an entirely new kind of fun; I love making graphics that look less “digital” and more like “real” collage images, and in the process of looking for images to use, I discovered online stores that sell downloadable goodies. Probably not news to most of you, lol! But happy news to me! Wheee!!! Goodness, where do I BEGIN?? I want it all, lol! And so affordable! Love it love it! Right now, I’m trying to decide what I’ll get from Lunagirl Images and my so far uber-favorite, Scrapbook Graphics.

But I’m a Libra, so decisions like this will take hours… :lol:

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