The birth of an idea

So…with all the frustration and angst of the past month, I have finally found a light at the end of the tunnel. :-) I’ve been brainstorming all sorts of ideas about “where to go next,” since I have so many creative dreams and lifestyle dreams that I want to go after in life. As I have started doing pixel art, I’ve been surfing pixel sites and somehow ended up on mixed media art sites. Those led me to still more ideas, as I love taking bits & pieces and putting them together in new ways (pixel art, interior design, blog design, garden design). So after looking at various blogs and magazine sites, I started getting mental images of things to create—heh, what else is new. ;-) I decided to actually create these ideas with the idea of putting them up on an Etsy page. Well, roomie already has an Etsy store and has been messing with stained glass, and we both have lots of other ideas percolating that we occasionally discuss. Not long ago, she made the comment, “you know, we’re two crafty broads; we should do something with all these ideas.” So tonight, I said let’s just jump in and make all this stuff and put it up online…and let’s call ourselves “Two Crafty Broads.” :lol:

I’m taking a trip to L.A. this coming weekend, and when I return we’re going to start on this. I’m hoping to start a new dual-blog where we’ll talk about the entire creative process of doing all this, post pics of works in progress, etc. And once my mom has kicked cancer’s ass and is able to paint again, I hope to feature some of her stuff, too.

Mom, in your honor, I am going to embrace the spark of art you gave me. :-)

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  1. NanoWrimo says:

    Just want to wish you good luck on your endeavour into the pixel life. I also wish you inquire where the samples to your current books are, you have a website, but arent trying to gain a fan base to give you that final push to finish. I personally found your stuff entertaining, so write on o vixen of verbage. ps, hope your maaam gets well.

  2. Cyberdelia says:

    Entertaining…suuuure you did. And where are your samples, oh demanding one?

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