I’ve got *howmuch* time left?

Oy. My fitness show’s in about eight weeks. And I don’t feel anywhere near ready (not that I’m supposed to be yet, of course; that’s what the eight weeks are for *smacks self*). I’ve been making steady, but slow, progress, and while I am ecstatic with the progress I’m also frustrated because it’s not happening fast enough, thus leading to the first pangs of ohmygodscanIbereadyintime. I have a backup plan if I’m not ready—I’ll simply not do the June show, and do one in September instead (the next one that happens that’s close enough to me). BUT: I really don’t want to do that. I really want to do the June show, with the horde of my Savage sisters who’ll be there, like I’d planned. So…eight weeks and counting.

I’m going to step up my workouts, and all told I’ll be doing 1.5-2 hrs a day, 6 days a week. Sound like a lot? Well yeah, but I have lots more lbs to lose before I’ll step foot on stage. And this will simply be an intense show-prep time, not a normal workout schedule. I’ve still not joined a gym yet, either; I’m doing most of my cardio outside while I can. In another month or two, the heat will kill me, so after the June show I plan to join Gold’s. Right now my weight training is a personalized plan from my trainer Cathy Savage, and I’m able to do what I need to do at home and at work (my company has a workout room, but I’m the only one who uses it—gotta love that!). At the moment my goal is to keep losing body fat and revealing the muscle I already have, but after the June show, my goal will be to hone my physique to the next level, prepping for an October show and possibly a November one. I’ll need a full gym for that. But first things first.

I’ve got a decent nutrition plan in place, and right now am still having my cheat meals (I do not look forward to the closer-to-showtime practice of restricted carbs; I should go ahead and get one of these shirts by Monica Brant to have at that time, lol!). Right now I’m just finding ways to change my daily meals up a bit during the day, to stave off boredom, and it’s time to get back onto vitamins and protein powder. Speaking of, I’m going to try a new one, Isofemme by Allmax Nutrition. I like that it has no estrogenic protein and no aspartame. I’ll give it a go and see if I like it.

I’ll try to report back on here more regularly about my progress to the show. :-)

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  1. You’ll make it, but don’t go and make yourself sick! Maybe you should wait until the other show so you don’t overdo it. I can hear you now – that’s just a Mom talking!!!!! THAT”S RIGHT! Love ya! Call me soon!!

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