Ah, spring; health issues to the forefront

If you’ve read my blog in the past years you know I sometimes need to talk/vent/rant about health and food issues (rant? Me? No way! :lol: ). I’m an organic-holistic-natural-moderation lifestyle kind of girl, and I get ridiculously angry over what corporate, processed “food” does to us. Couple of examples—the recent commercials trying to brainwash people into thinking that high fructose corn syrup is not bad for you (seriously, I won’t get started on that now, but it makes me want to spit nails just thinking about it), and the other day in the grocery store I just had to point out to my roommate a product I noticed: “imitation pasteurized processed cheese food.” Seriously? “Imitation processed food?” People eat that crap? Grocery stores are 98% filled with useless “food,” and people wonder why a myriad of health problems are plaguing us. And then there’s the pharmeceutical industry, making up drugs to fix the symptoms of these problems, not wanting to cure the underlying issues, and then saying hey, let’s make even more drugs and make more money…

Whoops, sorry, wait. Take a deep breath girl…breathe…

The purpose of this post was not to get into all that. I’ll do that as the season progresses, lol, since for some reason spring is the time when these issues come to my attention. The purpose of this post is to pass on an article I found while perusing Dr. Weil’s blog, my fav natural doc: “The Most Ridiculous Drug of All?” It makes eyelashes longer, thicker, and darker.

Not kidding.

I suppose, on one hand, if you’re stupid enough to pay lots of money to put drugs into your system just to enhance your eyelashes, well, you get what you deserve. But on the other hand, this kind of ridiculousness is an example of the warped thinking of the business world—profit over everything else (which is a whole other issue I could rant about). What’s the solution? I have no idea whatsoever. Is there even a solution? This warped thinking is what drives the problems with our food and is what is frustrating when you see what is happening but can’t change it.

I suppose this is why I do most of my blogging about these things in the spring: once a year these issues come up, I peruse, digest, & process them, get angry and feel frustrated, realized I’m powerless in the world but hold all the cards for myself, make personal changes, take my healthy choices and crawl back into a food-issues-free hole and refuse to think about the larger picture for awhile. It’s a coping mechanism, I suppose.

Well, the “season” for me has begun, lol. Let me share a few of my all-time favorite sites about natural health, places I love to go as a balm and as a way to know that there are always good alternatives when you just look for them:

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