Farscape in syndication starting tonight! Wahoo!

Ok ok, so I’ve got it all on DVD/VHS and I often go out on Saturday nights…but just knowing that my beloved Farscape is on tv each week is a great feeling! *warm fuzzies* Hopefully this will win over new converts & maybe even get us a feature film, a la Serenity…hey, one can hope…

UPDATE: No Farscape tonight, because the local station bumped it to play some bullshit money-raising crap for Katrina victims. I’m all for helping the hurricane victims, but for fuck’s sake, the hurricane happened weeks ago and people have been helping for weeks! Why air this crap NOW? Yes, I’m mad that my show got bumped for non-emergency programming, and the very first night it was to air. Morons.

I suppose it’s time to commence drinking as I get ready to go out. And yell obscenities at the tv in general. Shall we name this coaxial turetts?

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