More kitchen alchemy

Just had to share! Tonight I decided to try making solid perfumes to go with my lip balms and candles, so I whipped up a test batch using a new fragrance oil called “Bella,” which I will be calling “Isle of Bella.” Yeah, I’ll have Edward and Jacob ones eventually too; I’m also planning Forks, La Push, a “feathers” and an “imprinted” scent…fans will get the references, heh. All because I’m a freak geek like that, LOL. In my defense, slightly, my body care store is called “Geek Bliss,” and I plan to have scents inspired by other fav movies & books, not just TWILIGHT. :-)

The first solid perfume test batch!

My roommate is my first guinea pig. She’s taking a perfume to work tomorrow to wear all day, test staying power, strength of scent, etc. She’s under orders to make everyone smell her, LOL!

I next made a couple of candles with the same scent, to test out fragrance amounts:

Two cooling candles.
Two cooling candles.

I can’t wait to make all the TWILIGHT scents. And I’m already planning stuff for the holidays. Woot!

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