Get thee to thy keyboard!

I have been challenged to get to 25,000 words in my NaNo story by the end of this weekend (I am currently at 6,000). If I make the challenge, I will be rewarded—quite nicely, I might add. If I do not make the word count, I will be subjected to something wacky enough that I have not yet been told what it is. Let’s just say I’m ready to write, lol! Considering the slight difficulty of doing NaNo around my crazy schedule, I love being further challenged. So to my challenger…if you read this…prepare to pay up! :-D

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  1. greendragon says:

    censorship – let’s keep this site clean – no innuendos about rewards and punishments if you please!! (You KNOW of what I speak….) :D

  2. Cyberdelia says:

    Innuendos? Moi? Of course not…I would never imply anything wild or wacky or involving swings.

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