Am listening to Madonna’s new album that was released today. I love it! All dance tracks, no ballads…great stuff! As a fan club member—yeah yeah yeah, laugh all ya want!—I’ll get some bonus freebies (did you hear that, GD?? *I* get freebies! Wheee! Ok, so all fan club members get them…lol…I didn’t wheedle them out of anyone…but still…) for pre-ordering the album. I also got a video with my download from iTunes…now I can’t believe I’m saying this, but part of me actually wishes I had the video-enabled iPod…*she covers the ears of her iPod mini so it doesn’t get offended*

Another goodie winging its way to me right now: the Buffy “Chosen Collection” box set, i.e. the entire series! I got a fantastic deal on it, and can’t *wait* to have all seven seasons. It’s also got really nice bonus materials, and is supposed to be a “limited edition,” numbered collector’s item. Yeah, well, we’ll see about that…but the entire series of Buffy, plus extras, for less than half what it costs to buy all seasons individually? Score! ;-) I really want the entire collection of Sex and the City, but since I already own all the seasons individually I can’t justify the expense of buying the new, full collection, especially since the extras aren’t all that great. The Buffy set is a great deal (er, it is if you’re a fan of the show, lol). It should be here tomorrow, and I think I might have to watch “Once More, With Feeling” first…

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