These boots were made for walking dancing

Got my new funky silver boots! And because I know inquiring minds want to know–although I shan’t name said minds–I’ll post a pic of them tomorrow. Er, later today (I am still up at 2 am…must go to bed…must go to bed…). The new boots will be broken in Saturday night. ;-)

I’ll also post pics of another awesome pair of shoes I recently aquired. This second pair puts me in a mind to swing dance again…anyone game?

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  1. oh boy, im excited:) im still planning on going, with anyone else i can drag along hopefully. and yes, dancing is fun, but im still learning : /

  2. this house is “new shoe central” it seems…hehehe

  3. greendragon says:

    er – there is NO way you could swing dance in those shoes. I seem to remember walking being a problem… ;)

  4. Cyberdelia says:

    Oh ok, you’re right…LOLOL…well, I suppose I could do one dance, sit for a bit, then dance again…hehe! Or perhaps get a *foot massage* in between dances… ;-)

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