Go west, young-enough woman

In a few months (June, to be exact) I’m going to finally do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time: move west. I’m so very, very excited about it! While my childhood dream was to move to Los Angeles, my few visits there have tamped down my eagerness to live there. I still love L.A., but not sure it’s where I want to live (at least not now).

I’d become enamored of various western locations, from the southwest to the northwest, and when I had a chance in January to go to Phoenix, I jumped at the chance (ok, so the trip involved spending more time with a certain tall, handsome gentleman…but I digress ;) ). And once I got there, I fell in love.

Arizona is the perfect, perfect place for me for way too many reasons to list here. This is a year of transitions for me (my mom passing, being laid off, wondering what exactly I want my life to be), and I realized that NOW is the time to make the jump west. Because I’ve wanted to for so long, and because life’s too damn short to not do the things we want to do.

I’m considering creating a new blog about the journey, to document the preparation for the move, the move, settling in, getting to know my new state, learning about the flora & fauna, exploring all there is to explore.

Is it June yet?

ETA: I’ve set up a new blog! It’s not pretty yet, haha, but it’s called “A Sun-Drenched Path” and it’s at transitionswest.blogspot.com. :-)

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