Projects update

I figured it was time I updated on the creative tings I’ve been doing:

Creative Every Day: I have been creating every day since I joined. Nothing earth-shattering, just some doodles, some paint, and the beginnings of a new project idea. Part of the new project involves crochet, as I’d come across a wonderful book about crochet basics—I’m always forgetting certain stitches—and decided to incorporate crochet into the project. The book also has some wonderful patterns I can’t wait to try. I’m also going to be doing some digital art collages, using photos I’ve taken and various Photoshop techniques, and I’m going to be making some more pixel art sigtags/sayings tags. Now that I have my Gallery installation back up & running, I’ll be posting pics there, and maybe on the project’s Flickr group, too. I really love this challenge; so far it has been freeing and healing.

First day. I just doodled. Tried to draw birds, but they didn’t quite come out how I envisioned them, lol. At least the flowers are cute.

Playing with paint. I have no idea what I’m doing with paint, so I just glob and smush. I’ll try to do more of this in the coming weeks, see what emerges…

Yesterday I started a new project, and I’ve got all my bits & bobs out as I add this, try that, consider something else…I’ll finish this current idea today.

Yarn has started multiplying all over everything. Funny how it does that, isn’t it? A bit of this fuschia yarn is becoming a small flower to go with my current idea.

Creative Goddess course: Can I say how much I love Goddess Leonie? She is wonderful! I’ve been exploring the various elements of the circle she created and every single one speaks to me. I’ve only just started on the first project (I joined the group a bit after it officially began), but it is speaking to me in a way I never imagined. Deep, soulful work but yet in the safe space of a circle of women; perfect. Absolutely perfect.

The Next Chapter: I’m still waiting on my book to get here! But as soon as it does, I’m diving in and catching up. I’ve been reading what others are saying, and I’m itching to join in.

Others…: I’m reawakening my Reiki practice, especially my Brigid’s Flame attunement (thanks so much, Joanna!), in time for Imbolc. I’m considering going to a regular local Reiki share group just to keep practicing. I’m also thinking up what I want to do for Imbolc this year; a few ideas so far. Thinking ahead to garden ideas, too.

And in between all of this still riding the up and down of emotions. I know it’s going to take a long time before that subsides, and I know the ache won’t ever go away, but soothing it with the gift my mother gave me really does help. Every time I wish she could see what I’m doing or that I could talk to her about it, I realize that she does see it, and she knows, and that she’s the one cheering me on.

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