More grumbling

So, I’ve been sketching out layout ideas for the blog, thinking about how I wanted to best display all the holidays goodies I want to display, yadda yadda yadda. Then I decided to redo my quilt first, as it would be “easier” since the program I use for it is fairly simplistic.

Uh huh.

Up too late again last night fiddling, changing a pixel here, a pixel there…and trying to figure out why several damn PHP calls aren’t behaving (as evident if you click the quilt link above).

Today I figured out a way to hack my CSS so that text will display correctly in all browsers (can I just say how much I hate IE?)…well, so far it does, when I check at work. Time will tell. I got a few other snaffus fixed, but still waiting to get the PHP up to snuff (waiting to hear back from the program’s creator, since I suspect I’ve missed some little bit of punctuation somewhere that’s throwing it all off. I was up late again, after all…lol).

So now I suspect that once I jump into my redesign here, as I refamiliarize myself with WordPress, my site’ll break. Fair warning, my three readers…lol…if it’s broken in the next few days, I’ll have it fixed ASAP. :-)

(Hey Fadi, if you read this…having design flashbacks yet? lol)

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  1. That is putting it mildly. What is wrong with us that we can’t just stick to one. I already want to change mine again and I JUST completed it.

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