The truth price is finally not out there

I’m a bit slow to this news, but I finally found it, and all is now happy in my dvd-collecting world…The X-Files dvds are being re-released at affordable prices! I am so stoked! I loved this show; I was a fan from the first episode when it first aired. Yeah, yeah the last season sucked…but the other eight make up for it. I’ve never bought the seasons on dvd because of the outrageous prices…originally priced at $150 when they first came out, and even used, the best prices were over $80 per season [side note: I just looked, and the early seasons are down to $57 new on This must be to try to get rid of them before the new offerings come out Jan 31.]

So imagine my joy when I found out that starting January 31, the studio is re-releasing the seasons in slimcase packaging, but with all the original content, and pricing each at $50!! That means that has ’em for $37. Yep, an entire season of the X-Files for $37. That is MUCH more like it, and it’s about time!

(Of course, I realize that I’ll spend 2006 collecting all the seasons, and once I finally have them all, Fox will come out with a super-cool Collector’s Uber-Edition that’ll put all previous editions to shame, and at a decent price. You just wait and see.)

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  1. FallenAngel says:

    Its Christmas Eve, just wanted to say Merry Christmas !!! I read your blog all the time. Its on my favorites. Hope you have a nice holiday.

  2. Cyberdelia says:

    Wow! Thanks, FallenAngel! Glad you like it! Merry Xmas to you too! :-) :-)

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