Resurrection Ship, Part 2…oh, HELL yeah!

The spring semester has started again, so my blogging will be erratic. Not actually inclined to write much at the mo, besides to say that the last two eps of BSG, “Resurrection Ship, Part 1” and “Resurrection Ship, Part 2” were simply outstanding. It’s easy to run out of adjectives when talking about this show, and all I can say about last Friday’s installment is that it was perfection in almost every way. While I could detail so many things—the music (which blew me away this ep, perhaps moreso than any other ep), Colonial Fisk, Apollo’s new arc, the scene with the Chief, Helo, and Caprica-Boomer, the last scene with Adama & Roslin—I’ll lead you to this recap of the episode at BSG Blog. I think he puts it all just right, and I don’t feel like writing more right now (I wrote a long-ish comment to that post, lol)…I have some xbox to play. Time to attack strange minions and seek gems and magical discs…in the words of the goofy blue man, “A KEY!”

(Honk if you know of which game I speak…*cauf-Fadi-cauf*)

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