Movies are a girl’s best friend…ah, er, I mean…

Watched Must Love Dogs last night. What a blah movie! Blah dialogue, blah directing, blah acting, just a blah script. And absolutely horrific music! Who makes these shit decisions? Ugh! Not that better music could have made the movie any better—it moved just slow enough to be annoying, and the plot was likewise annoying enough to let me know 5 minutes into it that I wasn’t going to like the film—but hell, it can’t *hurt* to have decent tunes. Ah, well. If I really want to watch a good romantic comedy (and I really have to be in a smaltzy mood), I’ll go back to old stand-bys like When Harry Met Sally, Bridget Jones’s Diary, or Love, Actually.

Also watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes for the first time! Marilyn movies have been being talked up recently on a mailing list I’m on, so I figured might as well Netflix ’em. And this particular movie has the infamous “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” number in it. Being a big Madonna fan, and more familiar with her rendition of that number than the iconic original, I figured I really needed to go to the source. And I was *not* disappointed! What a cute, fun, fluffy film. I especially liked Jane Russell’s number amidst the almost-naked Olympic boys—this was a *1950s* movie! Those guys wore nothing but FLESH colored tiny, tight shorts! What an unexpected…treat, hehe. ;-) Next up is Seven Year Itch and then How To Marry A Millionaire. Looking forward to them!

Also have The Brothers Grimm sitting here waiting for a viewing. Not exactly in the mood for it, however. Hrm.

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