Surprising, but maybe not

I have become a fan of Louise Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer. Now, this is actually surprising, since I don’t usually go for the New-Agey-here-have-a-windchime kind of stuff. I’m a witch, an “eco-pagan,” if you will, and my spirituality is focused around the Goddess in Her light *and* dark aspects. But Louise Hay’s work on the power of changing your thoughts and Dr. Dyer’s work on harnessing the “power of intention” is all perfectly, witchily (is that a word?) magickal. They don’t call it that, but it is certainly a form of energy work, and it works. I like how they convey it; it’s like having a new way to think about magick and energy work and living consciously. I find that reading and listening to them fits in perfectly with my Goddess/pagan path and magickal workings.

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