Settling in, and hello, water

I’m into my new digs and slowly but surely getting everything put away, organized, and livable. The kitties are very happy to have “their” couch to drape themselves on, and they are also very happy to have a nice, long runway from the bedroom, down the hall, through the living room, and into the kitchen for the Daily Cat Derby. Kramer, my oldest kitty, goes wild several times a day. I really hope the regular sound of cat-feet hauling butt back and forth across the apartment doesn’t bother my downstairs neighbor…

One thing I love about this apartment is that I’m only three blocks from the water. From Tampa Bay, to be exact. From the street in front of the building I can see the water: Aaahhhh. I am very much drawn to water, and I’ve noticed that I’m drawn to Goddess forms that are focused on water; part of my current spiritual study includes exploring water Goddesses. The other day I finally had a chance to walk down to the water and over to the small park near the Vinoy hotel. It was a gorgeous day, and I sat down on the seawall and just enjoyed looking out over the water. I remembered years ago being there and seeing dolphins; I sent out a silent greeting them, wondering if they still frequented that area. Within about ten minutes I heard a tell-tale “whoosh” of air, and there they were! Two dolphins, moving by several feet away from where I sat. I saw them surface three times as they swam lesuirely by me. It was such a blessing; I love seeing dolphins.

I took a few photos while out, and I’ll post a couple tomorrow.

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