Of food, and Alias

Ok so those two things have nothing in common…lol…

Here is an excellent, excellent article on how one farmer is bucking the industrialized food machine and showing an alternate way to do business. The guy’s got a great outlook, the author made many wonderful points, and the article, while lengthy, is completely worth a read. I’d post quotes from it, but there are too many! Just go take a read here: No Bar Code: An Evangelical Virginia farmer says a revolution against industrial agriculture is right down the road. (Yep, I don’t even mind that he’s “evangelical.” He’s got the right mindset on food issues!)

Turning to coaxial crack…ALIAS is drawing to a close in a slam-bam way, thankyouverymuch. While it did stutter for a bit in season 4 and the first part of season 5, IMO, it’s picking up steam and is barreling forward for a spectacular finish. With three actual, real deaths in the past two episodes—and amazingly, the people seem to really be dead, which any ALIAS fan knows is a feat in itself—I can’t wait for the finale. While I mourn the passing of a great show, I’m eager to know what the heck actually is Rambaldi’s end game. Please, Sloane, find out and clue us in. And then put a bullet in Peyton’s head, please? I really can’t stand her. Major, major kudos to Vaughn for figuring out AnnaSyd wasn’t the real Syd, and then to Syd for putting a real bullet in AnnaSyd’s head. Took long enough to get rid of Anna—five years! ;-) Looking forward to the last few eps, sad as it’ll be to say goodbye to the show.

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