Yes, I live.

Gonna reskin the site soon, post some pics, yadda yadda, lol. For now, here’s a quickie update:

  • Got the blue ramquins about a month ago and made Oeuf Cocotte. Knew you were wondering about that. ;-) It was beyond delicious!
  • Moved out of my apt and rejoined old roomie (two reasons: one, my apt went condo, and two, I gotta start repaying student loans soon–ugh!), got different job (old one “lost funding”–I won’t discuss all the reasons I’m glad to no longer be at it, but let’s just say this is a Damn Good Thing).
  • My room looks fab and I’ll post pics at some point. It has purple walls…how can it *not* look fab? Heh. ;-)
  • My novel is coming along well and it’ll be sent to my first-choice publisher next month! Woohoo!
  • Roomie and I got a pool. It rocks.

    The pool rocks!
    So it ain’t that big, hehe, but for $90, it rules. And it’s just deep enough to be able to immerse yourself in, but not so deep that lounging in it with a cocktail is difficult. ;-) Pic by roomie.

  • The Biggest Freaking Toad Ever also now lives here. She rocks, too.

    The Big Freaking Toad
    See that little toad up in the right corner? That’s a normal toad. See how Freaking Big the Big Freaking Toad is? She’s sooo cool though. The other night she was hanging out in the little pond in the backyard, surrounded by hundreds (literally) of tadpoles. Yes, more toads, please! They’ll all be feasting on the mosquitos. And they only have to put up with this silly human chasing after them for pictures. (Pic also by roomie.)

Oh, and happy 4th of July. ;-) Today roomie and I are going to grill hamburgers, make fries and Devil’d Fadis (deviled eggs to non-Fadi-knowing people LOLOL), and also have baked beans and, of course, cocktails. Cocktails in the pool, food in the garden, and later more cocktails while watching the neighbors try not to lose digits while setting off their cache of fireworks in the street. I’m pulling up a chair for that one…

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  1. Great toad! I have a big one in my garden… unless the snake that moved in got him…
    Never gotten a pic, though. We usually just scare each other LOL

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