July 4th randomness

Here are some pics from yesterday…

The Big Freaking Toad!
The Big Freaking Toad in the pond!
I suppose she feels safe here, as she doesn’t move when me or roomie see her in the pond. Doesn’t go under, doesn’t try to hide. Gorgeous!

Devil’d Fadis! Heh…
Devil'd Fadis!
In this case, notice the Corona-shaped devil horns. Fadi, they weren’t quite as good as yours, but I still rocked the eggs.

The herd…
The herd
Don’t laugh at my Hello Kitty too-short pants. I luf them. Ignore that and instead laugh at the mini herd wanting handouts, lol: Kramer the grey, Bast the black & white, and Cody the dog.

The war zone
We had major fireworks going off literally all around the house last night, and while pretty, it got a bit unnerving because you could hear the deep boom of the things exploding from their bases, a multitude of booms and cracks and whistles were going off non-stop, and the streets and air were filled with smoke. I swear all I could think of was a war zone…not very festive of me, I know.

Ok, I must give a small rant…who does a cookout/party in their *front yard*?! When they have a back yard, and a covered back porch? Well, the sad answer to that is the classless trash across the street from us. Kiddie pool, tarp over lawn chairs, two grills, the works–all set up in the front yard. And it wasn’t a street party, nothing open to neighbors or anything like that. Nope, it was their own little celebration, and they wanted the world to see them do it. Oy, it was trash on parade! Front door kept open while kids in diapers ran in and out, guys sitting around swilling beer, loud music playing, and my favorite part: one guy yelled at almost every passing car to slow down (not that they were going fast in the first place) because he was letting his kid run in and out of the street! I kid you not (no pun intended!). Oh, it was quite a sight, and it wasn’t a good one. This may not be a fancy suburb, but it’s definitely nicer than what that trash is trying to turn it into. Ok, rant done.

It was a fun holiday and I definitely ate too much! The menu included natural-beef grilled burgers; eggs from cage-free, grain-fed, no-hormones hens; and steak fries and baked beans, neither of which were organic. Ok, so sometimes one has to compromise on the organics, haha. We’d also gotten corn on the cob, but totally forgot to grill it, lol! And in an effort to drown out the “war zone” noise to help keep the herd calm, we blasted 80’s hair metal while cooking and eating. Just be glad you couldn’t hear the singing…”Welcome to the juuuungle, it gets worse here everydaaaaay…”

A few garden pics for mom after the break…

My parsley and mint plants from the apartment. They were doing ok in the one sunny window I had there, but now that they’re out in the full sun all day, poof!

This is one of the first succulent bowls I put together a couple of years ago when I lived here, and I’d had to leave it when I moved to St Pete because I just didn’t have enough sun…it’s stayed out here in the sun, and look at it! Poof again! I love succulents, and all my other ones are doing fabulously as well.

My night-blooming jasmine has really done well recently. Roomie said it almost died at one point, and she repotted it and it’s grown like gangbusters. I like to think it was growing for me, awaiting me coming back…hehe. ;-)

The next place I get will so definitely have garden space and full sun, even if I have to pitch a tent in a field…

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