Updating the look…

EDIT…obviously, I found a new layout. ;-)

Ok, I love this new layout, what with the Nikita-like image and all GRRRR. I can’t find a new layout that is as nice throughout as this stones one, or the Christmas one I had up briefly. Why would anyone think keeping all pieces of info in a post (title, date, categories, etc) the same size would look good? How can anyone think that a bulleted list looks good without bullets?? Stupid “design,” like stupidity itself, should be painful and cause massive scarring.


I found a one design I really like—wait, scratch that, I found a top image I really like, and I’ll see if I can turn that into a decent layout. Until then, I’ll have to keep this design around a bit longer. *sigh*…

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  1. I like it to. I think its very pretty. i have to be careful about messing with my layouts to much. i have screwed up some very nice templates like that.

  2. Cyberdelia says:

    Hahaha so funny you caught it while it was up! :-) I’m going to work on it offline, since I really like the header image but as I went through the rest of it, it was driving me so nuts for being so badly done. Ack! My Nikita alter-ego will be back soon. :-)

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