Time to go back

I’m done with WordPress. I’m done with living with these horrible WP themes that are a bitch to modify (seriously, it’s crazy how ridiculous people can make CSS—and I used to think HTML got cumbersome!), done with continuous updates, done with bizarre widgets and losing information in them, done with being unable to do WYSIWYG design. Actually, the ability to see what I’m designing as I design it, in a program like Dreamweaver, is what I miss the most about “years gone by” of website design. I just spent some time with the internet “Wayback Machine” that archives pages, looking at lots of my past designs, and I found myself missing them and missing the control I used to have with my design. So I said, enough.

I’m going to go back to Movable Type and see if it will still do what it used to do. Hopefully I won’t lose entries, but if I do, small price to pay. I’ve got lots of old designs to resurrect and new ones to create. :-)

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