*curses and grumbles and throws things*

Ok, so I was able to access my old WordPress database, thus negating the need to import most of the fucking entries from Expression Engine. But, as you can see from the date of my last post in this db before this one (Sept 21), I will have to manually bring over every entry from then until now.

Can I say how pissed I am right now? I am just SO glad I didn’t shell out $100 for Expression Engine.

So. I’ve enabled a basic, free design for the moment while I bring over all of my info & links & whatnot, and then for the next couple of days I’ll get one of my own designs up & running.

And keep importing entries from the FUBAR that was my experiment with EE. *more cursing and stomping*

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  1. Cyberdelia says:

    *blows raspberry at you*

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