Dec. 23

A bit late, but better late than never…for today, from Dorothy Morrison’s Yule: A Celebration of Light & Warmth:

“Today marks the last day of the Roman year at which time the Festivals of Laurentia and Lares are celebrated. To make it special, look back on important personal events that happened over the last year, then say your farewells. You may wish to close the old year by saying something like: ‘With fondest memories, I let you go/Ride the changing winds that blow/I’ll not forget the fun we had/But I release all things that mad me sad/I wish you well as you fly out/Old Year, I’ll miss you–there’s no doubt’.”

Considering the past month (and right now), this is specially poignant for me. I’ll be doing a lot of releasing and letting go the rest of this year.

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