Beware…there be Devils here

I’d mentioned in an earlier post that my Battlestar Galactica costuming/party group, The Colonial Fleet, is forming a new group that’s an all-girl Marine strike team called the “Divine Devils” (a play on the real Marines’ “Devildogs”). I’m still finishing up my costume—waiting for my earpiece and kneepads to arrive in the mail, and buying the last in-store bits this week & next—so I don’t have any pics to share yet, but here’s a teaser of what we’re gearing up (literally) to do: the website for TCF’s Divine Devils. Obviously the site’s in development…and I can’t wait to see it finished. ;-)

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  1. Hey! Looks like you’re doing pretty well! I need to catch you online sometime. I’m considering moving back to Florida…maybe, maybe not. Do you still have the same phone #?

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