I did it!

NaNo ends today and I’ve already validated…I wrote over 50,000 words!

Ok, ok, so I actually “cheated” a wee bit–ONLY in that I ended up using bits from an old story I’d started years go. I still wrote over 50,000 words this month…but as I was going along, I realized that the story I was coming up with was *really* similar to one I’d started years ago! So I said fuck it…and incorporated some old bits into the new stuff and retooled them to fit the “new” story. So my total word count right now is over 70,000…the new NaNo’d stuff plus the old bits. Technically for NaNo you are supposed to write a new story from scratch…but hell, I’ve already got two half-finished novels sitting around, and this way I’m closer to completing one of them, and might actaully finish the entire manuscript by the end of the year! Yes, yes, shocking to think I might actually, finally do it…lol. So this year, for me, NaNo was not about finally writing a novel–it was about finally FINISHING one. I’m closer now than I’ve ever been, and I’ve actually got the entire plot sketched out. I want to finish by the end of the year.

And I have to say a public “thank you” to my NaNo buddy DontFeedZeWeeble, who actually gave me the idea to go ahead and use my old stuff (I was trying to do it strictly by the rules), and who, via a dare and constant teasing, got me to write loads… (Yes, when I’m wildly famous I will dedicate books to you and recommend to all my fans that they read yours. ;-) ) Ok, not that he reads this or will see the thank you…

I’m off to teach!

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