Marie week, jour deux

So, Marie was a woman of taste, passion, extravagance…it seems that modern products designed in her honor never forget that. ;-) Here are a couple of examples…

Returning to Trashy Lingerie again, check out their Marie Antoinette lingerie collection (images borrowed from Trashy again, and linked to the items):

A few of my favs from the collection…

The prices sure are right for a queen…lol!

And speaking of prices for a queen…how about some Marie Antoinette shoes by the shoe master himself, Christian Louboutin? I found them on the blog Plush Junkie, whose author went to the shoe unveiling in February and wrote two blog posts about it: Let Them Eat Cake and Wear Louboutins! Part Un and Let Them Eat Cake and Wear Louboutins! Part Deux. Here’s a quote:

“With her weakness for indulgent fashion, Marie Antoinette would have surely lost her head over Christian Louboutin’s new capsule collection in her honor. Mr. Louboutin has teamed with renowned embroiderer Jean-Francois Lesage (House of Lesage) to create these extravagant heels in pink, yellow, and blue. Only 36 pair exist in the world and each has been stamped with a limited edition number. If you happen to have the $6,295 to spend on these artfully decorated heels you’ll get them in a specially created box with a booklet that describes the creation process. Merci beaucoup, Monsieur Louboutin!!” [emphasis mine]

Can you imagine! Only 36 pairs…if only I had $6,295 to spend on shoes. Le sigh:

Alas, no crazy-expensive shoes for me, but I am off to get my copy of the Marie magazine, be inspired, and do some more Marie-themed art today. :-)

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