Geek Girls Rock is a go!

After lots of work in the past month and then many late nights in the past week to get the site ready, today (July 1, 2009) saw the official site launch of Geek Girls Rock, a blogzine “by geek girls for geek girls” that some friends and I are developing. The site is live, but it is still in its infancy. We have *many* plans and schemes in the works, lol. If you have an interest in things geek, check it out!

I am also developing an Etsy store called Geek Bliss, which will carry a line of geek-inspired all-natural lip balms, candles, and body butters. I am having a *ball* making the products, and I can’t wait to start selling them.

And in other Etsy news, I received my Jacob-scented body spray & lip balm from Essence of Twilight a few days ago! I LOVE them and recommend the store. Another friend has ordered from them and loves her stuff, too. I’ll post pics soon.

…and in even more Twilight fandom ridiculousness, one of our group bought an Edward Cullen action figure to be silly, and then decided to take pictures of it in various locations…and then decided to send it to each of us to take more silly pictures! And the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Vamps” was born. We’re on Facebook and are trying a group blog, lol. I can’t wait to have my turn with him…oh, the beyond-nutty pics I’ll come up with, hehehe!

Ok, back to more GGR work before crashing for the night.

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  1. Best…website…ever…and you know I know all the kinds of sites we have built. It’s awesome. I can see this going VERY VERY far.

  2. I am flattered to be part of your shiny new site. But What? No TV review for the “Big Bang Theory”?

    And you call yourselves geek girls.

  3. Cyberdelia says:

    Rick, you know us better than that. :-D Big Bang’s on hiatus, and we are currently focusing on…well, current stuff. lol. We’ll be all over Big Bang like a drunk Koothrappali on girls, come fall. Hehehe. Actually, I’m planning a post on how to throw a Big Bang viewing party. And I will possibly test it on locals…*cauf cauf*

  4. Cyberdelia says:

    Hey Camel…what the heck did we call our design site way back when?

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