While Leoben is tortured by Starbuck…

(the “Flesh and Bone” episode from S1 of BSG)…I made this for roomie:

Not that I’m actually snurching anything. Nope. Not me.

She posted this pic tonight…it’s of a pen I found at CVS that I had to show her that she had to have, for obvious reasons. There are two leavers at the back that operate the arms, and the arms punch out…just looking at this thing cracks me up!

And on a totally unrelated note: Whhhhhy did I say I’d take my car in at 8:30 for an oil change? Why???

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  1. hehehe. no ‘tinis were harmed in the typing of this post. i had mine all to myself…bwahahahaha!
    i’m glad i had the foresight to make my appointment for 10 because i just knew that i wouldn’t be up any earlier! i punch!

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