Oh yeah, bring on the cute.

CAN4This is really just a test post so that I can try out using these cuuute little blog bits (the days of the week graphics, over there <–) I got from the wonderful Simply Shantastic. Oh yeah, my site’s gonna show even MORE redunkulously adorkable graphics! Anyone who’s moaning, too bad. :-P I love these things…they make me smile and THAT makes them priceless! :)

I’ve made more pixels myself, and just need to do a few finishing touches on them before putting them up here. I’m also playing around with the idea of opening a sig shop, but keep telling myself to put that on the back burner until I get Geek Bliss looking the way I want to. That site is driving me batty these days…not because of the products–I LOVE my products!! It’s that I want the site to look a certain way and to do certain things…but every frakking ecommerce solution I have tried cannot do what I am wanting it to do. I can’t afford to hire someone to program my own store, so I’m trying to cobble together what I can out of what I know. The design part is easy…making shopping carts and shipping options work the way you want them to is what’s frakked up. Argh.

Hence more pixel art. Makes me smile in the midst of chaos. :-D

P.S. Why does it happen like this? This year I have lamented that I didn’t find hardly any spring/summer pixels that really thrilled me (being a fall/winter gal, that’s not surprising). I found a handful, and I made some I ended up liking, but nothing that really made me squee. Lol. But now that I’m looking for fall/winter, what do I find? Lots of adorable spring/summer! lol! Thanks to the wonderful Simply Shantastic, I’m going ga-ga over her stuff, like these, for example…

By Simply Shantastic From Simply Shantastic

Ok, I’m getting back to work. Srsly.

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