from Simply Shantastic*happy sigh.* Not only have I found Twilight-themed pixels at the lovely Candy Coated Pixels, and started making my own thanks to her inspiration, but yesterday I found a layout for Geek Bliss that just might actually frakking work. Shocking, I know. I’ve had to do lots of mods to it, and I’m still working on it, but it will allow me to use the Zen Cart install and have the kind of look I was getting using WordPress. I’m a happy girl.

Well, I’ll be even happier once I’ve got GB *exactly* how I want it.

And I’m pixel-giddy over another acquisition…new fantasy tubes by Kreated4U, featuring the adorable dragon! I’d missed out on her past offerings with this cutie, but today she put up a new set and I nabbed it, lol! I’m already pixeling with it. I keep saying I have new pixels to share, and then I don’t share them…hehe…but I’m still working on all of them (yeah, I work on 10-15 at a time).

I’m also rereading all the Harry Potter books, so I’ll be making HP-themed pixels as well (as well as making a lippie for Geek Bliss called “The Golden Snitch,” which is honey flavor).

Funny thing is that I need to get out and weed today (if it doesn’t rain AGAIN), but I’m having a hard time tearing myself away from the computer with all these awesome pixels to play with and with Geek Bliss finally coming along swimmingly.

Ok, using the word “swimmingly” makes me start humming, “Just keep swimming, just keep swiiiimming, swiiiiimming…” from FINDING NEMO. Hahaha.

Back to it!

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