Happy bday to me indeed! Hehe!

A lovely piccie to keep my bday bright…found a page that has some Battlestar Galactica cast piccies I’ve not seen before, and although the group shots are just adorable–everyone looks great!–I think Tahmoh (the tallest guy, who plays Helo) looks really quite cute there, and I usually think he’s “eh” (mostly because I’m an Apollo/Jamie Bamber fan) ;-) But the REAL treat…further down the page are pics of the hot babe himself…some taken with the Jamie Bamber nose-hair cam, lol! And the one of him in the blue blazer, close-up, smiling…HOLY FRAK! That man is just sooo beautiful. *swoon* (If you like Jamie, you have to check out this screencap from this season’s episode “Final Cut”…).

I know GD won’t agree with me…LOL…he’s a bit too pretty for ya, isn’t he? :-D But I bet roomie will agree…what about the Fadster? You out there & reading this? Does he have pretty eyes or what? :-D

Wow, what a pointless yet fun day I’m having! (And yeah, my coffee in my new Chococat mug is now spiked. Bwahaha…)

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  1. greendragon says:

    Yeah, that chiseled chin just doesn’t do it for me… so he’s all yours! :D I like my men more quirky and geeky – and maybe looking a little like Andrew McCarthy… teehee

  2. greendragon says:

    LOOONG day here – gimme some of that spiked coffee! (I don’t even like coffee – maybe just give me the booze…)

  3. Cyberdelia says:

    *hands GD the booze* have all ya want…I’m gonna go hie after a certain blue-eyed babe :-D (in my fantasy, he’s not married…)

  4. Ana Maria says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!

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