Happy almost-Halloween!

frog-friday-halloweenToday is a busy day for me: filling orders, finishing last-minute crafts, last-minute cleaning for guests, an early Samhain ritual, meeting with a friend, and then back home to greet another friend who is coming to stay the weekend from far away. Whew, lots to do! A witch’s work is never done! :)

When I meet my good friend later on, we are meeting up at a fabulous, gorgeous little cafe called “The Witch’s Brew” in Palm Harbor. Their site doesn’t offer any pics, but I am hoping they don’t mind if I take LOTS tonight so I can show you this place! It’s just beyond adorable—all witch-themed with lots of accents painted by the owner, including a yellow brick road from the door to the counter! If they don’t mind the pics, I’ll post them later this weekend.

Until then, enjoy these Halloween funnies I collected a few years ago!






Happy almost-Halloween!

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