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Every now and then I pop over to the trailers page at Apple.com, to see which new films I might like to see. When I went today, happily I found quite a few that I’m looking forward to. There is AVENUE MONTAIGNE, about a French country girl who goes to Paris and in her new cafe job, intersects with the lives of several different characters, impacting them all. Then there is YEAR OF THE DOG, a romantic comedy starring Molly Shannon. JINDABYNE looks like it will be a strange thriller (but don’t expect the current trailer to clarify the plot; the official site will do that better), and RESIDENT EVIL 3 looks like the movie will be good for what it is. DAY WATCH is also coming out, and while I’ve not yet seen NIGHT WATCH, I’ve heard *glowing* reviews of it. Must add to the ‘ole Netflix queue.

And then there’s PATHFINDER. Eye candy galore, in both the leading man (Karl Urban) and the stylized filmmaking. Urban was simply made for these kinds of roles: long hair, sweaty, sword-wielding, buff, lots of yelling and revenge. Heh. This doesn’t look to be anything original—it seems very much like 300 set in North America—but I’ll enjoy it for the simple pleasure of watching Urban do his thing. ;-)

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  1. Let’s all move to Paris

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