BSG finale: No. Uh uh.

Fraking amazing episode as always—Lee’s speech was in-fraking-credible. I suspected a Matrix homage in Part 1 with the introduction of Baltar’s lawyer last week, and this week cemented it. Subtle, brilliant! And the final couple of minutes were jawdropping—definitely not something I saw coming. But the big “reveal?” Nope. I don’t buy it. Too easy. And they accepted it MUCH too easily. Moore’s got something else planned.

Godsdamn it’s gonna be a fraking long wait til ’08. The end of this ep really suggested that season 4 could be the last, and in some ways, I hope it is; I’d rather the show go out in a blaze of glory, following the path now more clearly laid, and end with a slam-bang finish (to quote Bing Crosby in White Christmas).

Man, I gotta get a shirt that says “frak.”

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