Gearing up…literally

So it’s time to start amassing parts of costumes for the year’s cons. I’ve got half of my Battlestar Galactica BDUs done, but before I buy the last parts of that costume, I’m starting on my TCF F.A.S.T. (Fleet Anti-Terrorist Strike Team) costume, aka the Divine Devils. Aka the Lady Jarheads. Heh. ;-) Just so you realize how geeked out that is—as if it isn’t geeked out enough already!—we’re an all-female Marine strike team set in the Battlestar Galactica universe, outfits based on the various Marine tac-gear outfits worn by different gals throughout Battlestar episodes. Like a few others in my group, I’m going for Starbuck’s look in BSG: Razor:


I found a very cheap airsoft version of the gun, an MP7, and while the cheap one might not look as fancy as a higher-end version, it’s easy to afford now and will do the job for Megacon. ;-) The costume even has specific Victoria’s Secret black panties that go w/the uniform (from a black panty reference in the show). And there will be panty checks at cons. Yep, panty checks.

But the most hilarious part of our team is…wait for it…we’re doing a calendar! Yep, the Divine Devils will be shooting a calendar at some point this year. *No* idea what we’ll do with it (maybe raise money for charity or something), but let me say that the fun is in the planning, lol.

This will be such a wild year.

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  1. Kris (Athena) says:

    BD twin, you’re gonna look smokin’ hot, especially after all your hard work at camp! I can’t frakking wait to see you gals again. My heart is going to explode with pride. I’ve already been thinking about short, easy drills we can attract the crowd’s attention with. So say our panties. ;)

  2. Cyberdelia says:

    Bwahaha…so say our panties indeed! Can’t wait to see everyone together again, too. The drills should be fun, I daresay…just don’t make us sweat too much in those compression shirts! lol!

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