Foot & art update

So, I went back to the clinic a couple of days ago for a checkup on my foot after finishing the antibiotics. But the doctor didn’t like the fact that my foot still gets red & swollen when I am upright, so she said I need seven more days of antibiotics. *sob*! Now of course I want to fully heal this—this kind of infection isn’t something to play around with—but I’ve developed…ah…another problem. Any gals reading this won’t need me to say what the problem is…let’s just say that I’m on very, very strong antibiotics…and that there is a side effect that they give to women. And let me say that I’ve never had this problem before in my life (lucky, I now know!), and that the symptoms of it ARE DRIVING ME BLOOMING MAD. The doctor gave me medicine for this problem, too, and I took it…but I’m not symptom-free yet. I’ll probably have to take the medicine again at the end of the antibiotics. Gah!! My body feels so out of whack that I’m going stir-crazy.

Maybe that’s why yesterday I got inspired to create a few different things—burn off excess energy. Also, forgive the photo quality; I’ve not yet figured out how best to photograph any art I do:

Mixed media on wood…not quite finished…not sure what else I’m going to put on it, but it is telling me it’s not “done” yet. I tried to capture in the picture the streaks of purplish mica powder I used. The wood is painted black (looks a bit washed out here), and I made the heart with polymer clay.

This was an idea I got to use up a little wood plaque that I still had in my crafts box. I used paint & paper, plus my favorite glittery blue glue that looks quite muted in this pic. The quote is from the absolutely wonderful book Church of the Old Mermaids. If you’ve not read it, go get it! You’ll love it!

A decorated/painted “surrender box,” made for the Goddess Journey Circle.

The beginning of the cover for my journal for the Circle. I’m playing and experimenting with this as ideas hit.

The start of my first Soul Journal prompt; think of this as the bones of the page. It won’t look like this when it’s done. ;-)

…and I started another Mantra Card, but want to do more to it today before it’s done. So much for doing three cards at once; my ideas for them are expanding and developing, and it’s taking me more time to do each one. Maybe by next Monday I’ll have three done. ;-)

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