Happy Valentine’s Day!

…in which I am determined to have a wonderful, happy day. To celebrate life and love. How? Well…

I started off reading favorite blogs this morning while Bast helped…

And I just had to get a close up:

And today in the mail I received the simple yet gorgeous Life is Good mug I’d been searching for for awhile and finally found on eBay…

Last night I started a new knitting project, and it’s going to be super simple to make. The yarn is starting to come out even prettier than I’d originally thought, so I’ll finish this tonight (and then start some other insanely cute projects…can’t wait to post them!):

Yes, that really is the start of something. A funky scarf, actually. Really.

Then, a bit later on, I have this little goodie I picked up last week…yep, I admit that I picked it because it was perfect for Valentine’s Day, heh…

And thanks to Sevan, I have these left over from Thursday, and they are perfect for finishing off…er, enjoying…tonight!

Just look how they entice me…oh wait, the camera captured some faery lights!

Yep, yep, those might be Witchlings come to check things out. I can’t be sure just yet. I’ll explore later on and report back…

I’m going to go settle in with my furbaby, some yarny goodness, a (new) mug full of spiked coffee goodness (oh you know I have to add some Bailey’s and whatnot to celebrate the mug and the day!), and some great chick flicks. Then guava bars and wine and more chick flicks! Ahhhhh, now THAT’S a Valentine’s Day. *giggles*

I will leave you with one of my favorite videos ever, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. For some reason, it just seems right to me to post it on Valentine’s Day:

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  1. That video is so awesome, I’m just going to have to steal and repost it, LOL. I’ve seen clips but never the whole montage!

    And I’ve been meaning to ask (actually, I tried to send you a DM through Twitter but it wouldn’t go through) — which plugin are you using for Gallery? It’s so well integrated, looks great!

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