Random thoughts on a Wednesday

Art Every Day Month is humming along for me (after only four days, I know…let’s see what tune it sings after two weeks). I have been inspired each day to create various things, some that I share and some not. Here’s one of the things I made yesterday:


The inspiration came from the fact that I am really, finally learning to love my wavy/curly hair (after all this time). I came across a picture yesterday of really pretty curly hair, and it reminded me to be happy with mine, which reminded me of the quotes on this page, and I decided to make a layout. The quotes are from Sex and the City, last episode of Season 2, when Carrie is wondering why Big didn’t want to marry her. Miranda comes up with the “Hubble” theory from The Way We Were, and “wild, curly hair” became a metaphor for an untamed spirit. I fell in love with that idea the second I first saw it air (and there’s another awesome quote from that ep that I’ll scrap eventually).

Day before I made this little digital ATC:


And the day before, I did pixels. I’d expected to just do one kind of art, but I am excited to change it up each day.

In the course of link hopping yesterday—one of my favorite things to do to get inspired—I found the awesome blog Art Slam. Lucrecer inspired me to want to start art journaling again. I’d tried before, but never did much with it because I don’t like the idea of creating lovely pages that no one will ever see. It made me realize that when I create things, I want them seen, I want their images to go out there into the world. So I figured that art journaling wasn’t something I wanted to spend time on. But after looking at her site, and LOVING the name…for some reason, “art slam” makes me smile like crazy and want to go slap art on everything like a mad graffiti-making fool…or wait, like a Mad Art Tagger! That’s a great name for something…*makes note for future use*    ….anyway, I pulled out the journal I’d made for art journaling, and decided to try again.

My head was so full of visual ideas yesterday that I didn’t work at all on my NaNoWriMo story. Gah. I knew NaNo would be a challenge. I have had a desire to write & publish books since I was a kid, and I have several started, but I have yet to finish one. I don’t think the problem is anything other than I end up wanting to do other things besides actually write. When I do get motivated to write, I get really going, and knock out many pages, and enjoy the story. But then I’m not moved to write again for days. I always try NaNo as an exercise to try to get myself past this way of writing, to try to get into the habit of writing more often (I’ll never be an everyday writer) and without expectation, so that I can finish a story. But four days in and I already feel like I’m falling behind…and instead of jumping into writing, I write this blog post and am thinking of what I’ll do in my Art Slam journal today. Can’t I just wave a magic wand and have my story written that way? Pretty please?

Ah well. So it goes.

And so I go, with my coffee, out to get my daily Vitamin D and enjoy the cool weather, do a bit of yoga, and then ensconce myself in front of the computer for the rest of the day (and I wonder why my hands are sore—sheesh).

Happy day to you! :)

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